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Got a question?
Look below for some frequently asked questions.

Most Important We, just like every parents and kids, view academics as the most important part of education, sports come second, although sports is very important part of life.
General * What is the benefits to encourage kids join sport programs ?
Joining a sports program at a young age will help promote a healthy and active life style. This will benefit the development and growth of kids in fields like leadership, self-confidence, self-inspiration, team work spirits and working/study efficiency.
*What will be your goal of sports training ?
The goals would vary from each individual but most are to improve technical skills of the sport as well as promote fair and fun play. In some special case, you can achieve a goal to be a top player on provincial, notional or international level.
*Want to be outstanding at provincial or national level?
We offer training from coaches with many years of professional and background in national teams. These experiences can aid your child to performance at their highest potential
*Benefits of involving your child in sports?
Sports, especially team sports help develop character in individuals as they work to improve individual skills as well as team work. It will help build confident in other aspect of life as well as a healthy lifestyle.
Fees Related *Why I have to pay before I come to Camps or Training Session ?
We always encourage students pay first, then we can arrange number of coaches and supporting stuff accordingly.
*Can I get single parent /low-income family discount ?
Yes, we do have discount for students who have hard time to pay.
*Do we have free tryouts?
No free try-out class. You can pay one lesson and try first, make decision late. We treat all students equal and fair.
*Can I get a refund?
No, you can't after your first lesson. But you can use that as credit for other programs or later day use.
*What is the cost, is the fee tax-deductible ?
We have annual school year payment, 10 session payment and 1 time payment. All fees are tax-deductible
*How to get receipt ?
We email receipt at your request anytime you need. We prefer send it to you at the end of year before the tax season.
*Are all officiated games free ?
No, actually we count one officiated game as a regular training, you can use credit from your annual payment, 10 session payment or pay it every time you come.  Officiated game costs are including court fee, referee and coaches.
*What does session (10 lessons) payment means (benefits and disadvantage)?
A session payment of 10 lessons provides a more cost efficient method of paying. It is cheaper than pay individual payments per lesson and allows for easier payment. You are however, not allowed to refund the payment after purchase of 10 lessons.

You entitle 3 times extension due to sick or other business.
Special consideration will be given to a doctor's note of serious illness or injury
*What does annual payment means (benefits and disadvantage) ?
Annual Payment is a onetime payment for a whole school year for any sport program. about 35 times training during regular school year. This provides an ease of access to sports activities without having to pay every session or every 10 sessions. However, it does not include some holidays and summer time activities. Check our website for more details.

Usually, your payment and all training sessions will be expired exact after one calendar year. We encourage you to make effort by joining additional training at other locations to make up all missed sessions before the ending date to avoid unnecessary lose.

No refund will be issued. Special arrangement could be arranged for ex-ordinarily situation after your best effort. Please contact club staffs.  
Skills Training *Training frequency and different results
One training a week will result in school team, twice training a week may secure a top place in school team, for a players with passion, adds a private training a week, he or she maybe able to be outstanding in the region.
*Why consistence is very important in sports training ?
To build up muscle memory, one training a week is minimum, one absence during weekly training will take you two or more weeks to get into training mood and muscle memory back. 
*Why kids didn't improve that much after one school year training ?
To improve, practice at home is very important, just like math homework. Average students can remember about 10%-20% what they learned during last training a week ago or 14 days ago if absent once.
But second practice make big difference, 20-30% muscle memory will remains.
*You have a un-answered question ?
Drop an email at sport@torontochinese.ca, we will get answer for you