Tsinghua Arts Center   北美画院美术课

小班授课 因材施教    Follow Ontario AcademyStandards

Area Date Time Location Map Cancellation Days
North York
Sunday 10:30AM - 11:45AM-1:00AM-2:45PM 100 Earl Haig Secondary School
Map Here
Free Parking
2013: Oct 25th, Dec 20th, 27th.
2014: Jan 3rd, Feb 28th, Mar 14th, Apr 11, 18th.
Last day: Jun 6th, 2014
Markham Sunday 1:30PM-2:45PM-4:00PM-5:30PM 120 Carlton Road
William Berczy Public School
Warden/16th Ave
Map here
Free Parking
2013: Dec 29th
2014: Jan 5th, Mar 16th.
Last Day: June 15th, 2014

Richmond Hill

1:30PM-2:45PM (Beginner)

2:45PM-4:00PM (Beginner)

4:00-5:30PM (Intermediate)
190 Neal Drive
Crosby Heights Public School
Bayview Ave/Major Mackenzie
Map Here
Free Parking
2013: Dec 22, 29th
2014: Jan 5th, Mar 16th
Last Day: Jun 15, 2014
Coach Harry Yu
Sophia Gao
Eve Jiang
Contact 416 450-0826 (Bill Wu)
Fee Beginner:
$9/Lesson if you pay full year (36 weeks in total x 9)

$10/Lesson if you pay full year (36 week in total x10)
$15/Lesson if you can't come every week (10 Lessons x 15)


This program provided and run by torontochinese.ca Sports Club

Mixed teams competition share the spirits of teamwork.

Please email to sport@torontochinese.ca with statement of your Name, gender, phone number and address.