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Tax Returns And Full Accounting Services

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Tax Returns And Full Accounting Services 

ACTIVE PROFESSIONALS will help you save time and money this Tax Season and beyond.
Phone: 403-590-3818 

Established in 1999, we have been providing quality Tax Return assistance to businesses large and small for over 10 years. Our goal and commitment is for total client satisfaction. Our clients compare our fees and find us to be up to 60% lower than our competitors. 

We offer the most competitive fee for any of the services that we offer, GUARANTEED! 

We can help your business with services including but not limited to: 

1. Filing yearly corporate tax return 
2. Doing GST reconciliation to verify GST calculations 
3. Filing necessary forms to the government 
4. Recording revenues & expenses in accordance to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) 
5. Analysis of GL Accounts (if required) 
6. Calculate payroll cheques for employees 
7. Calculate employer source deduction remittance amounts 
8. Registering companies with the government 
9. Setting up business numbers, GST numbers & Payroll numbers 
10. Simple Balance sheet, Income Statement and Trial balance 
11. Issue actual financial statements (unaudited) 
12. Answer any business related questions to conduct a profitable business 
13. Tax saving tips 

For peace of mind this Tax Season and beyond please contact Active Professionals. 

Suite 200 – 2705 Centre Street NW 
Calgary, AB T2E 2V5 
Phone: 403-590-3818 

We keep true to our word and handle our client’s work with professionalism and efficiency. Here is a sample of what our satisfied clients say about us: 

Excellent Service for Corporation Matter, Personal & Business Tax Returns, and Commissioner for Oaths: “I had the Active Professionals office dissolved my incorporated business for me last year. The process was very quick and was done at a very reasonable fee. Active Professionals also been doing my personal taxes for me and wife for the past 4 years as well as using their services for Commissioner of Oaths; very professional in my dealing with them. I will continue to come back to use their services. With their convenient location, low cost and willingness to help, I will highly recommend Active Professionals and his team to anyone who requires any of the services they provide.” E. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “I want to thank ACTIVE PROFESSIONALS for their incredibly prompt, efficient, accurate and friendly service. I have been using them for the past two years and can only sing their praises. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to gathering documents for my tax filing; however, Active Professionals takes all of my paperwork with a smile and gets the return done faster than I could have hoped. 
ACTIVE PROFESSIONALS are always a pleasure to deal with and I greatly appreciate his expertise. I would highly recommend them for their service. If you visit Active Professionals, you will notice that I am not the only one who feels this way – their walls are covered with many Thank You notes.” K. Calgary, AB 

Income Tax Return: “Thank you for helping us to get our personal taxes done for this year. Thank you for your honest and your down to earth personality, thank you for understanding to our circumstances financially, thank you for being willing to help us and to be fair about is done. I wish to express extensive gratitude for helping my sister (above) with her taxes; you have helped in a way that words cannot describe.” A. F. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax return: “Thank you once again for your wonderful service, it is greatly appreciated. I would be lost without the service you have provided. I find that you do indeed have excellent service and phenomenal rates as well. I will continue to fill my taxes from here (until of course I become an accountant myself), and it is convenient that you are located so close. N.R. Calgary, AB 
Tax return: “I was very pleased and satisfied the way, in which you completed my income tax return from Active Professionals, you are a very brave and intelligent fellow. I wish to meet you soon, but in the meantime, may God give you a long, happy life and good health always.” N. R. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Thank you Active Professionals very much for doing my income tax every year. I really appreciate it because it’s reasonable. I will try and introduce your fussiness at my colleagues at work and my friends. Once again thank you very much & God Bless you” A. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Thank you very much for doing my income tax. Once again have done a wonderful job. I can say I am always satisfied with your work. Thank you for all that you have done for me for the last five years.” G.R. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Thank you ever so much for your help I’ve pleased that your tax return calculation was much higher than my estimate. I enjoyed working with you. See you again next year.” D.B. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Thank you so much for help us. We appreciate! You are a good person. God bless you. Thank you for completing my return effectively.” K.S. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “I am really thankful your service and understanding. It was very reasonable cost. It is second year you have done my taxes. God bless you.” S. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “you have done 3 years of taxes for me and I have found your services exceptional! The quick results and competitive price are much appreciated. I will be back. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Thank for your help through the last few years. This company gave good and honest advice and everything came through with in the time from it said.” G.M. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “I am so blessed and I would like to say my appreciation for sharing your knowledge for every people who need your help! Keep it up & God Bless!” E.C. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Thank you Active Professionals very much for your help in my income tax for the last 9 years and also your kindly advice you always give to me.” A. Calgary, AB 
Self-employed Tax Return: “I am pleased to have come in contact with you. I hope you would succeed in your business the way you entertain your customers.” S.R. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Thank you very much for your help. It’s the people like you that makes a difference in this country. I wish you all the best.” I.E. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax return: “Active Professionals has been extremely patient and helpful and my husband and I had total trust and faith on them” .P.D. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Thank you so much for the assistance. Quick service at a better rate (saved $200) than H&R Block. See you next year!!” R. & A. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Thank you very much for your great, cheap, and helpful with my taxes. Take good care.” S. C. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Thanks Active Professionals for helping us in finishing our Tax papers and make it easier.” R. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax: “Active Professionals has done our tax and we are very satisfied with it and come back again.” L.K. Calgary, AB 
Income Tax Return: “Very easy to deal with, will come back again. Nice people.” J.B. Calgary, AB 
L.M.O. & Income Tax Returns: “We would like to thank you very much for your help with my LMO and work permit at unbelievable fast pace. When we came to your office in January it looks like we had to go back to Switzerland, because of very bad advices from our Swiss Immigration Consultant and we were very sad about this. So we met you and realized that … of Active Professionals, Especially you …, are one of the best things that have happened to us. You were helping us so much and we really appreciate this. You also were there to prepare our Income Tax Returns, professionally and every time when we had questions we could call you. Through the whole story we recognized that Active Professionals is one of the best Consulting Company and we will always recommend you as a professional Consultant. Once again thank you so much. I am not hesitating to say that you are an honest #1 professional in this field. Whenever I came to your office, you treated me with respect and dignity. God bless you and your family.” D.B. Calgary, AB 
Land Title Transfer, Last Wills and Income Tax: “I would like to say thank you for doing me and my partner Income Taxes for 5+ years. We like your professional services and sense of humour; this is why we come back every time when we need your services. Previously, your office has helped for Land Transfer to Spouse and Last Wills for us. We have no hesitation to recommend your name to our friends and relatives. Thank you for your help and God bless you.” M.A. Calgary, AB

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